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President Preckwinkle Announces Changes at Medical Examiner’s Office

By at June 19, 2012 | 12:33 pm | Print

President Preckwinkle Announces Changes to Medical Examiner's Office
President Toni Preckwinkle today announced the retirement of Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Nancy Jones and the appointment of Daryl Jackson as the new executive officer of the Medical Examiner’s office.  Dr. Jones retirement is effective July 31st .

“Dr. Jones has a wealth of institutional knowledge and we will rely on her expertise to help the county make a successful transition to the new management team,” President Preckwinkle said. “We thank Dr. Jones for her 26 years of dedicated service at the county. She is considered a top professional in her field and the county has benefitted immensely for her expertise for a quarter of a century.”

A national search for Dr. Jones’s replacement will begin immediately. The position will be posted on Cook County’s Bureau of Human Resources website, on the National Association of Medical Examiners website and other medical career sites.

Daryl Jackson replaces Kimberly Jackson, whose departure is effective July 13th.  Mr. Jackson has 20 years of executive experience in public health management. He comes to Cook County from the Illinois Department of Public Health, where he served as regional public health officer in charge of the Northern/Rockford and Bellwood/Chicago regions.

Mr. Jackson was also a corporate compliance officer for the Cook County Ambulatory and Community Health Network, administrative director of the Near South Health Center of Cook County and before that, administrative director of the Austin/Cook County Health Center.

Click here for Daryl Jackson’s biography.

“We’re quite confident that Mr. Jackson’s extensive experience in the field of public health management will enhance the operation of the Medical Examiner’s office,” President Preckwinkle said. “He has outstanding administrative and quality assurance skills. Mr. Jackson is known for operating programs that earn the highest levels of client satisfaction, and include good cost controls, staff education and regulatory compliance.”

While the management transition is taking place, deputy chiefs from the Bureau of Administration (BOA) will supervise the ongoing updates and improvements in the areas of personnel, policy and procedure.

Some of the biggest changes at the ME’s office involve additional measures to promote employee health and safety.  For example, the Stroger Hospital Safety Division (SHSD) will begin training employees on safety issues this week, will develop a written hazard plan, and will also obtain more effective personal protective equipment for employees.  On-site infectious disease screening, including chemical testing, will be offered to employees beginning the week of June 25.

In addition, the ME’s office will be participating in the Department of Labor’s Illinois On-Site Consultation Program, which offers a comprehensive review to ensure compliance with federally-mandated OSHA and state safety regulations.

The ME’s office will also have more efficient recordkeeping through an electronic case management system. The BOA has submitted a grant application for $175,000 to purchase such as system.  The county plans to implement a more efficient electronic timekeeping system beginning July 1.

To assist with these and other ongoing improvements and general oversight, names of members the Medical Examiner Advisory Committee will be submitted to the Cook County Board of Commissioners at their June 19th meeting.

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