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Preckwinkle Lays Out Vision For Cook County Land Bank

By at June 21, 2012 | 11:50 am | Print

Preckwinkle Lays Out Vision For Cook County Land Bank

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One Comment

  1. Naomi Davis, Esq., 1 year ago

    Too many municipal real estate development schemas perpetuate “rape and rescue” cycles which result in black wealth being extracted from our households and channeled to others. The anatomy of recent race-based foreclosure crimes which helped drive our nation to an historic brink provides just the latest, largest example.

    Let’s not ratify that criminal extraction of real estate wealth with another tier of property programs that de facto benefit cross-town investors.

    BIG™ believes in building the capacity of neighbors to own, develop, and manage the property in their communities. We consider this equitable, and especially good for black communities. We support policies and practices which prioritize, incentivize, and track “community controlled development” — schemas that aim for neighbor-owned real estate, result in brisk circulation of community dollars within community boundaries, increase median income, and sustain cultural heritage.

    What could be more morally and legally correct? Elaborate and enduring formulas, leagues, and ventures have been created, sanctified, and sustained at the expense of our household incomes. It’s high time the same energy be devoted to reversing the flow. Anything less would be more of the same.

    Blacks in Green™ supports President Preckwinkle in “returning the wealth, with interest” to deserving neighbors and neighborhoods. We are committed to offering ideas, models, and systems that can be implemented here-and-now to break the pattern of “rape and rescue” and demonstrate finance with heart and soul.

    Naomi Davis, JD
    President & Founder
    BIG: Blacks in Green™

    Box 378411
    Chicago, IL 60637

    Building Green

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