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Reassessment Notices Mailed to Elk Grove Township Taxpayers

By at March 20, 2013 | 11:12 am | Print

Originally published on the Cook County Assessor’s Website March 15th

Cook County Assessor BerriosCook County Assessor Joseph Berrios announced that reassessment notices were mailed today to close to 18,000 residential property owners in Elk Grove Township.

 “Our goal at the Assessor’s Office is to ensure that all property owners are equitably assessed,” Assessor Berrios said. “I encourage all homeowners to review their reassessment notices carefully to be certain their proposed assessments are fair and accurate.”

Each year, the Cook County Assessor’s Office reassesses one-third of the nearly 1.8 million parcels of property located in Cook County. This year, the Assessor’s Office is reassessing properties in the townships located in north and west suburban Cook County.

You can find more information about the reassessment process on the Cook County Assessor’s website.

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One Comment

  1. Judy Milazzo, 8 months ago

    Honorable Mayor Craig Johnson,
    We have finally just been given a “heads-up” by the City of Chicago regarding another future real estate tax increase. This is now allowing us time to finally attempt to stop this insanity.

    As mere residents of this wonderful town, my hands are quite tied. I have no power as a single individual to put an end to the continuous increases. I used to live in Chicago and I moved for this exact reason. I never anticipated that this would continue in this town. We live in Elk Grove Village because we love it. I do not want to be forced to move to a different county because of the demands from Chicago. Haven’t they taken enough from us already?

    You, on the other hand, have the authority and obligation to make an attempt to say THIS IS ENOUGH; you will no longer stand back and watch your town be bullied by the Chicago politicians and their antics.

    I would like to know what your plan is to help us. We vote for you every election and it is time to reciprocate.

    I would do anything that you would need to assist you. I also have no problem organizing a protest if you are unable to. It’s time for us law abiding, paying citizens to stand up for ourselves and say we simply don’t have any more money to give to a city that offers us nothing. If we had any affection for the City of Chicago we would live there. And we don’t.

    I will post this letter to you online and in the Daily Herald. I will also post your reply.

    Judy Milazzo

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