Live Streaming Event: “Changing the Code: Government Data and Digital Entrepreneurship”

A 60-minute webinar on how government data can offer new opportunities to digital entrepreneurs and startups.
This event has ended.  Click on the video above to watch.

Synopsis:  The range of opportunity and services provided by government to digital business and startups has never been greater.  Governments that have embraced Open Data provide the free material developers and digital businesses can use to create a wide range of mobile and web-based products.  Successful products created to solve problems for one government can be repurposed and pitched to others, unlocking new markets for faster growth.  Developers who use government data for mass-market products find that free data means lower costs to market.

Tough economic times find forward-thinking governments looking for ways to help encourage and nurture startups and new enterprises.  These governments are also reaching out to existing digital businesses for solutions that save time and maximize taxpayer ROI.

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the opportunity as it relates to Cook County.  What do interested local startups need in terms of government data?  What is the menu of support available to local digital businesses and startups?  What are some problems facing the County and the region that could be solved through digital innovation?


Greg Wass, Chief Information Officer, Cook County Government

John Cooke, Director of Capital Planning, Bureau of Economic Development

Derek Eder, OpenCityApps

Stephen Newell, IBM

Jeremy Smith,

Daniel X. O’Neil, SmartChicago Collaborative


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